Choi Byoung-oh, CEO

· 1982~ Chairman & CEO of Fashion group hyungji Co.,Ltd.

· 2017~ Chairman of Art-Malling Co.,Ltd.

· 2018~ Vice President of the Korea Employers Federation

· 2018~ Committee on Inter-Korean Economic-Interchange of FKI


· Won the 2018 Dasan Management Award.

· Selected as Top 100 CEO’s Award in Korea

· An Honorary Doctor in Business Administration, Pusan National University

· An Honorary Doctor in Business Administration, Dankook University

· An Honorary Doctor in Business Administration, Soonchunhyang University

· An Honorary Doctor in Business Administration, JeonJu University

Established in 1969, HYUNGJI Elite started as a Cheil Synthetic Fiber of Cheil Industries by launching school uniforms. This fashion company has been operating ‘Elite’ that is a Korea’s leading school uniform brand beloved for 50 years, and ‘B2B department’ that supplies uniform of many large companies in Korea.

Hyungji Elite was separated from Apparel Business Division of Saehan in June 2002 and was initially incorporated in terms of Employee Buy-Out under the name of ‘Elite Basic Inc.’ We continued our growth with the consistent management innovation and momentum and was finally listed on ‘KOSPI Korea Exchange’ in 2009. Then, we became a family of HYUNGJI Fashion Group, Korean’s best fashion corporation, in November 2013 and prepared business portfolio to be a large corporation by taking over ‘Ragello,’ a casual brand for women, in 2014 and ‘Esquire,’ a famous shoemaker brand, in 2015. Also, forming a joint venture with BAOXINIAO-GROUP(China's comprehensive fashion company) in November 2016 and entering into the Chinese school-uniform market, we have made a great opportunity to get into the global market as well as the domestic market.

The business areas of Hyunji Elite Coporation consist of a school uniform brand, ‘Elite,’ and ‘B2B department’ that is responsible for supplying corporate uniforms for Samsung Group and sewing trading via a factory located in Indonesia, ‘PT.ELITE.’ Furthermore, we have enlarged our areas regarding various fashion fields such as fashion clothing, accessory, shoemaking, bag, and more by taking over ‘Ragello,’ a casual brand for women and ‘Esquire,’ a famous shoemaker brand.

The corporate culture of our company is based on transparent management, challenging spirit, and harmony among all staffs and executives. We aim to continue challenging ourselves to solidify our foundation in the fashion apparel industry while creating new profits in the era of continuous changes.

We promise to prioritize our customer’s value, to grow up as a fashion specialized company, and to contribute to the development of state economy and improvement of national clothing habits.

CEO Choi Byung Oh